Reclaim Your Bottle Deposit

Cash in your bottles, cans and more at our redemption center

Residents of Buffalo, NY are all too familiar with the New York Returnable Container Act, also known as the Bottle Bill. Whenever you purchase a bottled or canned beverage, you're charged a $0.05 deposit as motivation to return your bottles after use.

K&T Bottle Redemption wants to help you reclaim your bottle deposit. By offering a trade-in rate of five to seven cents per item, you have the chance to not only get your deposit back, but to make some extra change, too. Call 716-313-3023 now to ask any questions about our redemption process.

Why bring your bottles to K&T Bottle Redemption?

There's no shortage of places to take your recyclable containers in New York, but you'll want to make Choose K&T Bottle Redemption your go-to redemption center.

Residents throughout Buffalo rely on us because we...

  • Accept cans, bottles and glass
  • Hold weekly raffles for gas cards, gift cards, gift baskets and more
  • Offer a flexible rate of five to seven cents per container
  • Host a wide range of community fundraising events
  • Collect items from your car for convenient drop-offs

It's easy and fun to get cash for your recyclable items when you bring them to us. You can also simply donate your items if you don't want change for them. Stop by our bottle redemption center today to discover how you can help the environment.